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Acara is the industry's best medical spa consulting team. We develop and manage the top Medical Spas. Our team works collaboratively with you to provide the information and support needed to make informed decisions about opening a medical spa or integrating aesthetic services into a practice.

The project begins with a Launch Meeting that includes our VP of Business Development and VP of Planning and Implementation along with other Acara team members assigned to your project.  During this meeting the scope of the work, timeline and responsibilities are reviewed.  To support the collaborative efforts between Acara and your team we establish an Acara MedSpas Intranet Site (AVO) where together we post documents, project and contact information.

For a Complete Overview of Acara's Medical Spa Development Services download this document.

We begin with the development of a plan that is based on market research and analysis.  This research and analysis will help to identify the best possible location and insure that the Concept, Program Components and Pricing are aligned with your market.

A Capital Budget and detailed Financial Pro Forma will help you to understand the business’ potential and the possible Return on Investment.
All of this information is summarized in a Business Plan that allows you to clearly deliver your message to potential investors, lending institutions as well as providing you and your team with an operating road-map.

Once the research and development is complete and the plan is documented, Acara will support you and your team through the implementation process. 
This begins with site selection and interior layout and design.  We offer a variety of interior themes to select from for your Medical Spa.  Also, your furniture, equipment and interior accessories are identified as part of this package.  The implementation of the design through construction is supported by conference calls and e-mail.

Our VP of Marketing will work with you team to develop your name and image, creating a logo that reflects your brand.  A pre-opening Marketing Plan is outlined and all of the creative necessary to launch the plan is implemented.

Based on your Service Menu, the supplies, equipment, inventory and medical technology is identified and proper trainings are established to insure safety and care upon the opening of your Medical Spa.

Acara supports the recruitment and hiring of your management and medical staff necessary to implement the plan.  Training is identified and scheduled for each position.

One of the many Acara Advantages include being able to partake in the Acara MedSpas Preferred Vendor Program.  This list of vendors offer Acara MedSpas clients discounts and special service opportunities.

At the completion of the Implementation Phase your Medical Spa is opening its doors and welcoming your first clients.  Acara is now ready to support you with ongoing management and marketing services for your new business.

Phase I: Development

  • Market Assessment & Concept Development
  • Financial Pro Forma
  • Business Plan

Phase II: Implementation

  • Site Selection
  • Design and Construction
  • Services, Retail and Merchandising
  • Marketing, Promotion & Advertising
  • Medical & Service Technology Recommendations
  • Management Systems
  • Software Recommendations
  • National Vendor Relationships (Buying Group)
  • Legal & Regulatory Guidance
  • Recruitment
  • Medical Director
  • Training